Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are Kourtney and Scott a Match Made in Hell? Stay Tuned!

We all scream at our TV's when we see Kourtney making excuses for Scott's dickwad, immature behavior time and time again! Why is it that she's the only one who can't see this scoundrel's true colors? When will she finally get it???
I saw through Scott the first time he appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- but then, I have asshole radar. You could tell from the jump that something just wasn't right....and it's no mistake that his last name "Disick" contains the word "dick". Caught that, didn't ya?

Add into the mix a baby, and poor Kourt is definitely stuck. Talk about having to pay the price for a bad decision! Will Scott be able to slip and slide his way back into Kourt's good graces and life yet again? Are we soon going to be hearing wedding bells with these two? Good God, saner heads hope not, but you never know with Kourtney.

We'll all have to tune in to the first episode of the new upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to find out. In the meantime, get him, Kris!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kim Kardashian Hot Bachelorette About Town!

Now, you know that all the big time players and celebs are trying to get their hands on this hot cookie now that she and Reggie Bush are officially over for good.  I don't care how many sex tapes the girl may have made.  If any of these guys say otherwise, they know that they are fronting hard!

The question now is, who will Kim Kardashian end up with next?  She certainly has her pick of the biggest and the brightest stars in the biz.  As wanted and desired as this woman is, she clearly stated on her show that the hardest thing for her is finding someone who will accept her life and lifestyle.  Mama is red hot right now, and the work just keeps on comin'.  Kim seems to live on a jet plane as she moves about from this photo shoot to that red carpet event.  It will take a guy with a lot of patience and a not so huge ego to be able to accept that Kim K actually has a career that has no signs of slowing down, and be able to just sit back and let her do her thing.

Here's hoping that Kim finds that special guy, and soon!  Let's see what happens!