Monday, September 27, 2010

Khloe and Lamar Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

And they said it wouldn't last....

Well, I guess that K & L have showed the world a thing or two. I don't know about you, but I think that this love is real. I mean, they really are made for each other, if looks are any yardstick to measure it by. Khloe is a whole lotta woman, and who better than a tall, manly NBA player to handle her? I think she'd eat a lesser man alive. On that tip, they are the perfect pair.

Now it's just a matter of when we will be seeing some babies. Kourtney, who is back with Scott, is already talking about making a little brother or sister for little Mason. I guess some chicks never learn! At any rate, Khloe had better start playing catch up, and soon!

And even with all the "fugly" comments you read out here on the internet, I'm betting that these two will shut 'em all up and have the cutest little ones you've ever seen. I'm not kidding! Stranger things HAVE happened!

In the meantime, congrats to Khloe and Lamar on one year of marriage! And here's to many more! And babies!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kim Without Makeup

Hate her as much as you like, the girl still looks good without makeup. That ought to make all you haters get a quick bout of indigestion! ;)

I swear, Kim is a Latina, but just doesn't know it. I mean, I'm no expert on Armenians, but those are some definite latin genes I see going on right here. Anyway, she is rocking it without all the makeup she's usually seen wearing it, and that's because you just can't beat that bones structure and those perfectly balanced features! Kim is looking a bit Cher-like in this pic, so perhaps Armenians and Latinos share some lineage. I dunno....I guess I'll check Wikipedia on that.

Anyway, go, Kim! Show 'em what you're workin' with! Haters SIT DOWN!