Saturday, December 18, 2010

The KK Doll That Started It All!

Say what you want about her, but this Hollywood Mommy Extraordinaire definitely goes the extra mile to get her kids fame, fortune and anything else they seem to be able to get their hands on. I shoulda had such a passionate stage mommy. Hell, I'd be Beyonce right now if I had!

Starting with Kim, Kris took the reins and starting managing Kim when her popularity began to rise in the media (after that sex tape). Since then, her hands on attention and boundless momager energy have helped to not only propel Kim to almost super stardom, but she's doin' it for the rest of the family as well. True, we wouldn't know dip about Kourtney and Khloe had it not been for Kim's scandal,
but Momma Kris's expert management of the whole brood has them all over the tube and in mags everywhere, signing contracts and counting the cha ching left and right. And move over, Kim, Kourt and Khloe, because the next two K Dolls, Kylie and Kendall are embarking upon modeling careers, and of course Momma Kris is gonna make sure every T is crossed and every I is dotted on those contracts! And the Kardashian-Jenner cha ching machine rages on.....

Kris has come a long way from being a mom of 4 and before that, a flight attendant. Gotta give it to this dynamo of a woman who is helping to keep her daughters names and faces in the media whether you like it or not! We should all have a gung ho manager like Kris! We'd all be rich and famous for real if we did!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kim's New Man Gabriel Aubrey

Well, one thing that Kim K is improving on is her taste in ment. From JC Chasez to that insufferable, posturing, preening, obnoxious peacock of hip hop, Ray Jay (what did she ever see in the cartoonish piece of work?!), Kim has learned to move on to bigger and brighter pastures. Her much publicized on and off relationship with Reggie Bush was her first official step up into the big leagues, and after him, Miles Austin was a cutie who was even easier on the eyes. Well, now girl is dating Gabriel Aubrey, Halle Berry's ex. Not a bad way to go, Kim, and who really cares if he's Halle's leftovers? That man is FOINE!! I'll take leftovers like that on my plate ANY day. Just pass me a spoon, honey!

Gabriel obviously likes his women amply endowed because talk about going from one boobalicious babe to the next! Halle has always been seen as having some of the best breasts in Hollywood, and Kim...Well, we've all seen what Kim is bringing to the table. Pa-pow!

Whatever the outcome of this new relationship, Gabriel is certain to have his hands full! Literally! I, for one, hope that it lasts for at least a while. You thought the papparazzi went nuts at Kim Kardashian sightings before? They must nearly kill each other trying to get a shot of Kim and Gabriel when they're out and about. I'm sure there must already have been some casualties amongst them. Well, anyway, good luck with this one, Kim.  Do whatever you can to keep him hot for you.  Anything this tasty looking deserves some effort, so work him, girl! He's a keeper! ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kardashian Kard Goes Bust

Whoops! I guess putting your name and image on anything and everything you can get your hands on as a spokesperson is not a good idea after all, huh? Seemingly bent on conquering the world of Cha Ching and commerce in every which a way, shape and form, the Kardashian sisters latest business venture, The kardashian Kard, just blew right up in their faces. I'm guessing that momager extreme Kris was too busy lining up the girls next endorsements to read the fine print on this one? The debit card not only had a high annual fee, but also carried fees for everything from an adding money charge to a fee for speaking to customer service. Here is the list of fees according to :

"While regular bank debit cards are typically free and don't charge any fees, a 12-month Kardashian Kard cost $99.95 just to own, including a card purchase fee of $9.95 and 12 monthly fees of $7.95. After the first year, consumers would have to continue to pay the $7.95 monthly fee.

On top of these initial fees, it cost Kardashian Kard users $1 every time they added money to their card, and it cost $1.50 to speak with a live operator. If they wanted to pay their bills automatically using the card, they were charged $2 per transaction."

Damn! I don't think even American Express has the balls to try to charge that many fees to own their card, and that's for credit! We can definitely chalk this up to yet another example of Kardashians Gone Wild.

Girls! I get that you all want to make every penny possible before your 15 minutes of fame run out, but do be a bit more discerning than this before signing your name on the dotted line! In this economy, even the rich are cutting back and trying to find the best deals and rates when it comes to financing. And any bubble gum popping, cleavage baring, 6 inch heel wearing fan of yours is going to feel the exact same!
I admire the hutzpah it takes to feel that you should have your own credit card in the first place. Hell, I'd like to see my own face on a credit card before I die. But this one was a bomb. A stinky bomb. Be lucky that you all were able to pull out of it with your reps still intact! ;)